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20+ years of experience

TruFit Saddle,Inc. fits saddles for all horses, abilities, and disciplines.
Judith is passionate about saddle research and improving well being and performance through scientific proven knowledge. 

Judith Bromley


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TruFit Saddle, Inc., is the culmination of Judith's years of saddle fitting experience, combined with a lifelong passion for horses.

Judith Bromley, the founder of TruFit Saddle, Inc., is an accomplished horsewoman who has been actively involved with horses her entire life. TruFit Saddle, Inc., is the culmination of her years of saddle fitting experience and a lifelong passion for horses. TruFit Saddle Inc. approaches saddle fitting as a science, with extraordinary depth and focus on the overall well-being of both horse and rider. Combining her many areas of expertise, she gives special attention to musculature and conformation, fit of the saddle tree, and equine range of motion. She observes and evaluates each horse and rider together, with concern for the rider’s individual needs.

First and foremost, our concern is with the horse’s welfare and the rider’s safety. Whether you are looking to purchase a new saddle, have an existing saddle check for proper fit, or have a saddle out on trial that you need evaluated for fit – TruFit Saddle, Inc. can help you. Any saddle brand can be evaluated.

As an independent saddle fitter, TruFit Saddle, Inc., is non-partial to any particular saddle company. The priority is whatever is best for both the horse and rider.

Judith Bromley of TruFit Saddle Inc., is a Society of Master Saddlers ‘Master Saddle Fitter’ an acknowledgement of merit earned by qualified saddle fitters who have many years experience  of saddle fitting, having demonstrated high expertise and had high levels of clients satisfaction from an independent survey.
  • Qualified Master Saddle Fitter
  • Registered Society of Master Saddlers
  • North American Saddlery School
  • Equine Biomechanics
  • Passed SMS assessments in Saddle Flocking & Flocking adjustments
  • Equine Trigger Point Muscle-Therapy – Certified
  • Level 1 & 2 Saddle & Bridle Course North American Saddlery School
    2013 & 2014
  • Bridle Fitting- education North American Saddlery School 

(SMS certificate in saddle fitting is the worldwide qualification for saddle fitting and is verified and monitored by an independent educational body – City & Guilds. Journey to SMS registered QSF takes a minimum of 3-5 years.) 

Our Brands

High Quality Saddles

The quality English and European saddles of TruFit’s manufacturing brands can only be purchased through a designated stockist. TruFit is one of the designated stockist in the Western New York region for our manufacturer brands. Click on the logos below to find links to our manufacturer’s websites, or contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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